Self Awareness

Dear Wife,

Self awareness or conscious living or mindfulness is the first step in personality development. Today I want to tell you how this small tiny but difficult step can help you get the best out of the world out there.

Self awareness is a process of just being aware of what you are doing, what you are thinking and what you are feeling. All it does is re validates your action with your intellect  and rather than ego mind which normally takes control of you during unconscious behavior. Mind in you has this part called Ego Mind or Negative mind. Its intended job is to police  your thoughts by being a devils advocate. It activates and keeps feeding negative information to your mind.  If you just  ignore it, it will shut itself up. But if you give importance to those thoughts, it will rule you. It will pull you down. It will take you to a world of suffering.

Just being aware of this happening will significantly reduce the influence of your ego mind.

You might get angry when you see an obstacle to your desire. Just become aware of your anger. Realise that it is your ego mind that is wanting you to get angry fighting for that desire. Believe that there are other creative ways to solve that problem. If you think out of the box you might find amazing ways to solve it.  Your intellect mind is made for this creative thinking.

We go into unconscious state of living and reacting to situations again and again like we normally used to do. Why not try this for a week ?

Being is just changing the way you think.


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