Freedom & Fear

Freedom in pure form is the basic necessity for moving to higher level of happiness or spiritual maturity. Love means freedom like I said before. Freedom is focusing on what you are and not focusing on what you want. If you do this happiness will come naturally.

Lack of freedom creates fear of authority and punishment. Fear is hence the opposite of freedom and love. Fear generates constrictive thoughts. That is when we try and solve the problem using negative psychological reactions like anger to violence.

We deny freedom when we use any type of control on others – For example we use punishment to make others learn from a mistake.  We use anger to show our opposition. We might use  guilt with others to get  them to do what we want them to do.

Freedom gives you safety , security. Think of living in a country which is not free, just the thought of it will be suffocating. Freedom unlocks the creative mind.  Removes that resistance in the mind that will start wandering in the direction of freedom elsewhere. For a community or a country freedom is the root of development. It is however is not without its own problems.

Mahatma Gandhi says “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes”. Freedom will not get you perfection, but will get you happiness, peace and harmony. This includes trying and making mistakes without worrying.

Respect is also freedom because respecting is really admiring someone without wanting them to change. You acknowledge and celebrate who they are, as they are.

As you find happiness and understand your higher self, definition of any word would be very  close to freedom.

LIFE expands to Living In Freedom Everyday. Live without any mental controls and resistances that will switch  on the creative power within you.

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